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About Blanca
Tai Chi Chuan
For thousands of years Tai Chi Chuan has helped people balance and improve their lives.

Tai Chi Chuan calms the mind to release mental and physical tension.  It promotes better postures, flexibility and Circulation,  
and can reduce the pain of chronic health problems such as repetitive stress injuries and arthritis.  Tai Chi will give its
practitioners more energy, stronger, health and increased vitality.  
Blanca Hall is one of the best teachers I have ever
studied under.  Her enthusiasm for Tai Chi is infectious
and her knowledge of the subject comprehensive.  The
desire she has for her students to understand proper
breathing, state of mind, and movement gives depth
to the forms studied in the class and is knowledge
which can be applied outside of the class.”
                                                           Ron Rioux
"Mrs. Hall's instruction is absolutely inspiring. Her enthusiasm
is contagious, and her positivity is a brilliant motivating force.
I am so grateful to be the beneficiary of both her skill and her
compassion. She teaches with a beautiful smile."

Thank you!
                                                             linda Kim